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VirtualME by Airdec provides businesses with customizable, artificially intelligent virtual assistants that interact conversationally with customers to deliver automated yet humanized service anytime, anywhere. These photo-realistic digital avatars are tailored to each company and trained with internal knowledge so they become experts in the business. Integrated AI enables quick, accurate responses, transcending basic chatbots.

VirtualME avatars create exceptional customer experiences across platforms, acting as friendly, tireless virtual employees who consistently provide personalized, efficient service without overhead. From banking to retail and beyond, VirtualME represents the future of automated customer engagement. By joining this avatar revolution, companies can elevate service while reducing costs.


aiTOM is an AI-powered order management solution that optimizes greenhouse production and logistics to deliver peak-fresh plants on time. By integrating sensor data and intelligently monitoring growing environments, aiTOM enables greenhouses to precisely schedule light, humidity, nutrients, and other conditions to maximize crop health, taste, and longevity.

This coordination of sales orders, production, and logistics eliminates spoilage and guesswork so greenhouses can profitably scale up and delight customers with fresh, flawless plants delivered at the perfect moment of ripeness. aiTOM offers an efficient way to grow your greenhouse business.

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HVAC Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing (TAB) are the three major steps used to achieve proper operation of HVAC systems.

iTAB is an affordable, complete, intelligent base solution for TAB companies. iTAB is offered as a fully hosted and supported full package.

The iTAB Report is generated based on AABC and NEBS requirements however, reports can be fully customized to a client’s needs.

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