ITOM Features

aiTOM Features

Some highlight features:

  • Online ordering platform – Customers can easily order plants/flowers and select desired delivery dates.
  • Payment processing – Accept payments online via integrated payment gateway.
  • Production scheduling – Automated scheduling based on crop cycles and growth timelines to meet delivery dates.
  • Inventory management – Track availability and manage multiple greenhouse locations.
  • Crop tracking – Digitally track each crop from seed to harvest. Monitor progress.
  • Environmental monitoring – Sensors track temperature, humidity, light, etc. to optimize growth.
  • Climate control integration – Automatically adjust lighting, humidity, etc. to hit targets.
  • Delivery management – Manage logistics, route planning, and shipping.
  • Notifications – Automated order status updates, and production alerts sent to customers.
  • Analytics – Charts, reports, and insights to improve operations.
  • Mobile access – Manage orders and track production from anywhere.
  • Configurable workflows – Customize order, growing, and delivery processes.
  • CRM integration – Sync customer data with existing CRM platform.
  • API access – Integrate with other systems like ERP, and accounting.