iTAB – Redesign

revolutionized the TAB industry

iTAB has revolutionized the TAB industry with its technologically proven principles, which are the most effective approach for automation of the workflow. iTAB will not require any third-party applications except a browser to run and is fully hosted in distributed with high availability and secure environment. Some of the most important features of the iTAB are as follow:

Customer Dashboard

Technician Dashboard

The highest cost center for every TAB company is Technicians. Efficient and proper management of technicians could save the TAB company thousands of dollars. Airdec has given special attention to this section, by developing technician specific dashboard, data available to them instantly. Technician can access to their own dashboard by simply logging in and will have an immediate access to their weekly schedule. For each scheduled project they could perform the following functions:

Access to detailed

Access to detailed information regarding the project.

On demand

Obtain needed files on demand, such as drawings, equipment submittals, design data information, and any specific information regarding the control system.


Upload any pictures, or data files for manager’s review.


Enter field obtained data (Actual) via handwriting, voice, or simply typing.

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Sales Module


A centralized module to Manage Customer Relationship (CRM).


In few easy steps create job estimate based on equipment or Labor (Estimate).


A centralized place to maintain and manage all requested bids (BFM).


Covert created estimate with pre-formatted text defined by client to quote or proposal (Quote).


Covert created proposal to an internal order with client defined order number (Proposal).

Accounting Module

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A centralized module to create custom Invoice (Invoice).

Job costing

A centralized module to obtain the delta in between estimated labor for each project versus the actual amount of time spent (Job costing).

Account Summary

Obtain on demand customer specific account activity summary (account Summary).

Order Management

A centralized module to create and manage orders (Order Management).

Generate TAB Report

A centralized module to generate/register reports manually or fully automated (Generate TAB Report).

Consolidated Payment

Settle customer payment to several invoices via Consolidated payment module (Consolidated Payment).

Data Module

Tech Module

Tech Schedule

A centralized module to create and manage technician schedule by grabbing and dropping. Scheduled jobs will automatically be communicated via email, and SMS notification to technician and client. System will prevent schedule conflict and make it simple for the manager to schedule and manage technicians to ab specific job (Tech Schedule).

Tech Settlement

Simply settle the technician earning by click of a button on (Tech Settlement).

Tech Tools

A centralized module including all the tools needed by technician on the field to assist them to perform their task easier (Tech Tools).

Customer Module

Documents Administrative

A Centerline module via which documents could be uploaded from the TAB company back office for a specific customer (Documents Administrative).

Company Submittal

A Centralized module via which TAB Company Submittal could be uploaded for a specific customer or project (Company Submittal).

Certificate of Insurance

A Centerline module via which Certificate of Insurance could be uploaded from the TAB company back office for a specific customer (Certificate of Insurance).

Management Report Module

"A groundbreaking design that delivers on its promises and exceeds expectations- even with the bar set high, naturally. This truly feels like the future of laptops."
Sandra Thompson
Tech Reviewer