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Impossibly light. Almost.

aiTOM is an AI-powered order management solution that optimizes greenhouse production and logistics to deliver peak-fresh plants on time. By integrating sensor data and intelligently monitoring growing environments, aiTOM enables greenhouses to precisely schedule light, humidity, nutrients, and other conditions to maximize crop health, taste, and longevity.

Grow your greenhouse

This coordination of sales orders, production, and logistics eliminates spoilage and guesswork so greenhouses can profitably scale up and delight customers with fresh, flawless plants delivered at the perfect moment of ripeness. aiTOM offers an efficient way to grow your greenhouse business.

Online ordering platform

Customers can easily order plants/flowers and select desired delivery dates.

Payment processing

Accept payments online via integrated payment gateway.

Production scheduling

Automated scheduling based on crop cycles and growth timelines to meet delivery dates.

Inventory management

Track availability and manage multiple greenhouse locations.

Crop tracking

Digitally track each crop from seed to harvest. Monitor progress.

Environmental monitoring

Sensors track temperature, humidity, light, etc. to optimize growth.

Climate control integration

Automatically adjust lighting, humidity, etc. to hit targets.

Delivery management

Manage logistics, route planning, and shipping.


Automated order status updates, and production alerts sent to customers.


Charts, reports, and insights to improve operations.

Mobile access

Manage orders and track production from anywhere.

Configurable workflows

Customize order, growing, and delivery processes.

CRM integration

Sync customer data with existing CRM platform.

API access

Integrate with other systems like ERP, and accounting.

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"A groundbreaking design that delivers on its promises and exceeds expectations- even with the bar set high, naturally. This truly feels like the future of laptops."
Sandra Thompson
Tech Reviewer